Creatis offers an unprecedented amount of flexibility, freedom and control to Creators over the financing of their projects.

Access to Independent Capital

  • Access capital sources from Creatis' network of qualified investors
  • Reduce creative interference by a major financial backer by sourcing investment from a diverse capital base
  • As a registered fundraising partner, Creatis can legally approach both private and institutional investors
    • The SEC prohibits producers from compensating unregistered “finders” for capital raising, which severely limits fundraising options


For projects in development, Creatis can assist in a variety of ways that help you focus on the creative work:

  • Advise on packaging and preparing the project to raise capital
  • Make industry introductions
  • Work with professional service providers on project structure and governance to avoid costly mistakes that can disrupt the creative process


  • Create a professional offering for your project that complies with applicable laws and regulations
  • Limit the risk of potentially disastrous claims against you as Creator and rightsholder for an improper securities offering
  • Confirm investor suitability to maintain regulatory compliance
  • Perform required customer identification and anti­‐money laundering screening on potential investors to comply with USA PATRIOT Act and other regulations

Do you have a great project that needs funding?